Fruit Tree Pruning – with Jason Ross

Jason Ross is the owner of Habitate (previously called Sutherland Nursery), a heritage fruit tree nursery and edible landscape design company based in Waitati north of Dunedin City. Jason is a permaculturist and highly knowledgeable in the area of growing and caring for fruit trees. In this programme, I asked Jason about fruit tree pruning. Such as … Why is August (late winter) the best time of year to do a winter prune? What are the different functions of a winter and summer prune? Why do we need to prune our young grafted fruit trees so severely?

Jason shares his deep understanding of FRUIT TREE PRUNING on the Eco Living in Action radio show, originally aired on 12 July 2012 on Otago Access Radio 105.4FM. You can listen to the podcast at

Not working? Please email me at and I will send it to you.

To find out more about the fruit trees and berry bushes on offer at Habitate go to

Pruning Workshop Waitati

Jason running a pruning workshop in Waitati

Belle De Boskoop Apple (2)

Belle De Boskoop Apples

Jason explains fruit pruning techniques

Jason explains fruit pruning techniques


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