Weaving Fabric – with Christine Keller

Making our own clothes is something that most families used to do – right from growing and processing the yarn, to dyeing and creating the cloth.

Today the mass clothing industry is very different and unfortunately it has a significant ecological footprint. For example, approximately 25% of chemicals used globally are used in the textile industry. A single cotton t shirt uses approximately 2500-3000l water.

How can we reduce this impact? In general, we can greatly reduce the ecological footprint of a product by doing more ourselves using lower impact processes.

In today’s programme we are chatting about the process of weaving where thread or yarn is turned into fabric. Weaving is an ancient skill and practiced in different ways across cultures. It is a method where two different sets of yarn are interlaced at right angles to form the cloth.

For this programme I chatted with Christine Keller. Christine Keller is owner of Weaving on Hillingdon and the founder of Dunedin’z LOOM ROOM where she makes scarves and other accessorizing garments on her hand loom. Christine did an apprenticeship in Loom Weaving and holds Masters in Product Design and Fine Arts.

To listen to this programme about Weaving Fabric with Christine Keller please click on http://new.accessradio.org/Player.aspx?eid=981f7462-58ae-4d2f-8ed0-e40400d277f2

To find out more about

  •  Christine’s Weaving classes –  email for information to ‘mindmade at hotmail dot com’
  • Products made at Weaving on Hillingdon – go to christinekeller.co.nz
  • Dunedin’z LOOM ROOM – visit King Edward Court, Stuart St, Dunedin

This programme was originally broadcast on  the  9th October 2014 with the help of Otago Access Radio 105.4FM. Eco Living in Action is hosted by Maureen Howard and this show was supported by the Dunedin City Council.

Christine demonstrating her self made Flying-8 loom

Christine demonstrating her self made Flying-8 loom

A loom - type??

Ashford Table loom and flying-8 loom.


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