Nutrient Dense Food – with Andy Barratt

As our food becomes increasingly processed and produced using large scale monocultures, many people are becoming more concerned about the food we are eating – from the effects it is having on our health, to the effects it is having on our natural environment. Eating organic food is an important way that we can ensure we have food that is grown in a way that is both healthy for us and our environment. Organics as a movement is developing in way that are exciting, inspiring – and sometimes confusing!

Nutrient dense food has become a popular term used to in the organic movement to describe food that contains greater levels of vitamins, minerals and other essential elements. Why do we need nutrient dense food now more than ever? Does organic food contain more nutrients than non-organic food? How can we grow our food in ways that make it more nutrient dense?

On this show I chat with Andy Barratt, organic grower, from Merton/Karitane area – north of Dunedin about issues in the Organics Movement and in particular what nutrient dense food is and how we can get it!

To listen to this programme about Nutrient Dense Food please click on

For more information –

  • Andy recommends the book by Steve Solomon, “The Intelligent Gardener” (in the Dunedin Public Library)
  • E-Book by Kay Baxter – Growing Nutrient Dense Food (suited to non-beginners) – go to

This programme was originally broadcast on  the  23rd July 2015 with the help of Otago Access Radio 105.4FM. Eco Living in Action is hosted by Maureen Howard PhD, Sustainability Educator and Facilitator.

Andy aerating the soil with a broadfork

Andy aerating the soil with a broadfork

Andy and compost

Andy and compost


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