A Self-Help Guide for Sustainability Advocates – with Niki Harré

For those of us engaged and active in promoting change, our biggest challenge perhaps is to stay effective and resilient over the longer term. Where should we be focusing our actions for greatest effect? What role does positivity play in making us effective sustainability advocates?

My guest for this programme is Associate Professor Niki Harré. Niki is an associate professor at the University of Auckland where she has taught social and community psychology for twelve years.

In Niki’s book, Psychology for a Better World, she collates the psychological research around sustainability. Her message is a positive one, where the steps that we need to take to become more sustainable as a species are inspiring and uplifting ones – steps that make people feel better about themselves, each other and our world. At the end of her book, Niki also provides a much needed chapter called A Self help Guide for Sustainability Advocates.

In this show Niki and I chat about the actions we can take to remain resilient and effective sustainability advocates.

To listen to this programme – A Self-Help Guide for Sustainability Advocates – please click on http://new.accessradio.org/Player.aspx?eid=ccfbc22b-f055-4a8b-9702-69675cb81606

For more information –

This programme was originally broadcast on  the  1st October 2015 with the help of Otago Access Radio 105.4FM and is supported by Sustainable Dunedin City. The radio show Eco Living in Action is hosted by Maureen Howard, a Sustainability Educator and Facilitator.

Associate Professor Niki Harré

Associate Professor Niki Harré

Niki 2014 beach2 - Copy


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