Intensive Meat Production – with Carl Scott

When it comes to sustainable living, the decision of whether to eat meat or not provokes some intense discussions! There are plentiful arguments for and against having animals as part of a food production system. On one hand they can be an integral part of a sustainable Permaculture system – picture hens scratching in the food forest, providing eggs, meat and pest control services. On the other hand, large scale intensive animal production systems are usually associated with animal suffering and environmental pollution. Likewise there are arguments cited for and against the vegan diet. In its ‘sustainability’ favour, it is the diet with the lowest ecological footprint in terms of energy required to grow calories (of unprocessed food product). Its potential drawbacks, at least here in New Zealand, are that adopting a vegan diet may result in people consuming more food that has been shipped over long distances, or is more highly processed. This can also happen with an omnivorous diet however.

One of the things that concerns both vegan and meat eating environmentalists are the methods used in industrial intensive meat production. On this show we look at industrial meat production, its environmental impacts and how we as individuals and consumers can support more sustainable and humane systems of food production. As well as eating more healthily!

My guest is Carl Scott who is passionate about animal welfare issues and is Co-Chair of the Dunedin Otepoti Vegan Society. As well as being vegan and active in promoting this lifestyle, Carl has led a number of campaigns to help improve the welfare of animals in New Zealand. Perhaps the most memorable, for Carl as well as for us, was in 2011 when he spent 31 days in a 190cm wide by 130cm high cage to highlight the plight of caged hens in New Zealand. He gained mainstream media attention and thousands of fans from all around the world. Carl is also passionate about doing his bit for sustainable living. When he lived in Waitati he had an electric bike and worked on an organic market garden.

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This programme was originally broadcast on  the  5th November 2015 with the help of Otago Access Radio 105.4FM and is supported by Sustainable Dunedin City. The radio show Eco Living in Action is hosted by Maureen Howard, a Sustainability Educator and Facilitator.


Carl Scott

Carl Scott











Carl lives for 31 days in a cage to show the relative size

Day 16 of the 31 days that Carl spent in a cage to highlight the plight of battery cage hens.





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