Cycle advocacy in Washington DC – with Barbara Klieforth

Like many cities around the world, Dunedin has embraced the vision of being a cycle friendly city. In this show I investigate some of the things Dunedin can learn from other cities like Washington DC to make continued improvements to our cycleways.

Washington DC is on the east coast of the US. It is a very beautiful city full of incredible buildings and museums most of which are absolutely free. As the capitol of the US, I was surprised that it was home to only 700,000 people, a number that is raised to over 1 million when you include the commuters fron the surrounding districts. Still – this is a lot of potential cyclists! In fact, DC is a great multi-modal city as it has a good underground metro as well as a comprehensive bus service.

I find it very interesting to visit cities to see how cycle friendly they are and it is even more interesting to find out how they have achieved what they have. During my stay in Washington DC, I was fortunate enough to meet with Barbara Klieforth, a lovely down to earth and proactive woman, who is passionate about cycling and is ex-president of WABA, the primary cycling advocacy group of Washington DC.

On the 15th June I spoke with Barbara Klieforth about commuter cycling in Wahsington DC. Please note that for this show, Barbara is speaking on her own behalf, not on the behalf of EPA or WABA.

Barbara Klieforth is an Environmental Toxicologist with the US Environmental Protection Agency or EPA as its better known. She is also a life-long committed cycling commuter. She is a member of WABA (Washington Area Bicyclist Association), an NGO that – 1. promotes cycling in the area, 2. advocates for improved cycling infrastruture, and 3. educates member of the community on safer cycling. Barbara was President of the Board of WABA for 10 years from 2001 to 2011. 

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This show was originally broadcast on the 14th July 2016 with the help of Otago Access Radio 105.4FM. Eco Living in Action is sponsored by Sustainable Dunedin City.


My guest Barbara Klieforth

My guest Barbara Klieforth in the Ronald Reagan Building


The Bike Station with covered secure parking as well as a bike-fix-it facilities.

The Bike Station at the Union Metro Station. It has covered secure parking as well as  bike-fix-it facilities.


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