Cooperatives – with Tiziana O’Hara

Can business and real sustainability co-exist together? Or do we have to throw out our current economic system and find another way forward?

For sustainability to flourish, we must have economic systems and methods of production and trade that support the long term health of our planet, as well as bringing social equity, and creating strong healthy local communities. Perhaps the solution is the Cooperative. Cooperative business enterprises differ from more competitive individualistic models of limited liability corporations. By their nature Cooperatives put more emphasis on protecting people’s livelihoods, more equitable sharing of resources, community building and cooperation rather than competition.

In this show recorded on Thesday 28th February 2017, I talk to Tiziana O’Hara from Cooperative Alternatives, a leading cooperative development agency in Northern Ireland, about the many benefits of Cooperatives, how they are run, and what kinds of businesses they can work for.

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This show was originally broadcast on the 9th March 2017 with the help of Otago Access Radio 105.4FM. Eco Living in Action is sponsored by Sustainable Dunedin City.

Tiziana O’Hara and myself in the building whose facilities are co-shared by Cooperative Alternatives and several other organisations and businesses.



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