A Grassroots Protector of the Climate – with guest Rosemary Penwarden

When you go out walking do you find yourself picking up the litter of strangers? Do you sign petitions to change government policy? Do you go on rallys, or introduce recycling at work or school? Whatever environmental protection actions you take – if you are trying to change your bit of the world for the better – then you can call yourself a protector of the planet.

One person who firmly fits the label of planet protector is Rosemary Penwarden. Rosemary spent many years working as a medical laboratory scientist, is a proud grandmother (‘Rama’) and lives in Waitati north of Dunedin. In the last five years she has become actively passionate about the issue of climate change, and is involved in opposing fossil fuel extraction in New Zealand and particularly in Dunedin. She is part of Oil Free Otago and CANA (Coal Action Network Aotearoa).

On this show recorded on the 24th February 2017, I chat with Rosemary Penwarden about her personal journey to grassroots action, and what it is like to directly oppose big business corporations in the fossil fuel industry in New Zealand.

To listen to this programme about Protecting the Climate please click on http://www.accessradio.org/Player.aspx?eid=a3b8ea7f-59ce-4b9a-8da6-621cd4d247f7. (If you want to listen to this show and the link is not working – please let me know! We endeavour to re-air our older popular shows on request.)

To listen to other Eco Living in Action radio shows on the Otago Access Radio Website go to http://www.accessradio.org/ProgrammePage.aspx?PID=d6c5fa93-1644-4811-acef-71386373b70a

For more information –

This show was originally broadcast on the 16th march 2017 with the help of Otago Access Radio 105.4FM. Eco Living in Action is sponsored by Sustainable Dunedin City.

Oil Free Otago spokesperson Rosemary Penwarden stands in front of their banner at the Dunedin Railway Station clock tower. The group wants the government to invest in clean energy projects instead of deep sea oil and gas drilling.


Oil Free Otago campaigners peacefully protest at a petroleum conference blockade, Sky City, Auckland. 2016

CANA (Coal Action Network Aotearoa) protest against Fonterra’s continued used of coal at their Clandeboye plant near Timaru – 2017. Photo taken by Shannon Gilmore.

Rosemary enjoys some family time with her grandson Arlo (2016)


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