Biochar for small farm productivity – with guest Dennis Enright

Is biochar the answer to restoring our productive soils as well as mitigating climate change?

Dennis Enright is an organic market gardener, and the owner of TopVeges, an organic market garden business based in Mosgiel, close to the city of Dunedin in New Zealand. In addition to organics, Dennis also has a passion for making biochar and using it as a natural soil amendment for vegetable growing and carbon sequestration. Biochar is charcoal made by the burning or pyrolysis of carbon rich materials at high temperature in the absence of oxygen.

Due to his interest in Biochar, in the last few years Dennis’s life has taken a very interesting twist! He now spends a portion of each year in remote areas of Thailand advising and assisting local farmers to create and use biochar instead of traditional slash and burn methods. His work is showing very promising results in terms of crop productivity, as well as wider environmental benefits. As part of his work, Dennis works with local organisations – Greennet and Warm Heart Worldwide.

This show was originally recorded on the 10th April 2017. I talk to Dennis about his work making and using biochar, and scientifically testing it as a soil amendment for small farmers in Thailand.

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Dennis assesses soil quality on the test and control sites that have biochar added/not added. To the right of the photo is ‘Vermis the Worm’. Dennis plans to use him as a voice for talking about soil, particularly for kids. Vermis has travelled to various parts of Thailand and other places!

A pit is a simple and effective way to make biochar.


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