Growing Organically with Polytunnels – with guest Hans Wieland, Co Leitrim

One of the more useful uses of petroleum is to make polytunnels! The advantages they brings to organic growing are substantial for those of us living in a temperate climate.

In March I spoke with Hans Wieland, Training and Marketing Manager at The Organic Centre in Co. Leitrim. Hans is both passionate and knowledgeable about polytunnels. In this show, Hans shares what we can do with polytunnels to enhance our organic growing capabilities, what design features we should look out for, and how to use them to best effect – from watering to soil amendment to aeration.

In this show recorded on 31st March 2017, I chat with Hans Wieland, Training and Marketing Manager, at The Organic Centre about  Growing Organically in a Polytunnel. Warning – you are likely to go out and buy a polytunnel if you listen to this show 🙂

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  • About The Organic Centre, go to, or ring the centre at 00353-(0)71-98-54338. The Organic Centre is located near the village of Rossinver in Co Leitrim. Note that the centre is open from 18th February to 12th November in 2017. Open 10am-5pm Tuesday through to Sunday.

This show was originally broadcast on the 18th May 2017 with the help of Otago Access Radio 105.4FM. Eco Living in Action is sponsored by Sustainable Dunedin City.

Hans Wieland by one of the many polytunnels at The Organic Centre, Co. Leitrim. This is one of their smaller ones. But still too big to fit in my garden unfortunately!

A greenhouse should have good ventilation. This geodesic dome with no vents high up and small single door is poor in design, says Hans

Another of the nine polytunnels at The Organic Centre. Each polytunnel offers a different focus and learning opportunity, as well as crop layout, for students and visitors to see.


Here – a small polytunnel inside a big polytunnel! Is this how new polytunnels are born? 🙂

This large polytunnel has a wide design, providing plenty of horizontal space without being too tall.




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