GE: Is it still a problem in the field? – with Philippa Jamieson, Organic NZ

Every now and then it is good to reassess our beliefs. I supported the successful campaign back in the late 1990s to keep New Zealand free of commercial crops. And it’s felt really good to know that New Zealand have avoided some of the mistakes other countries have made growing GE food.

But as with any technology, there have been developments in the area of genetic engineering. For example, the term ‘gene editing’ has become common.

One group that has been keeping abreast of what’s going on and continues to steadfastly campaign against GE in our food is the Soil and Health Association of New Zealand, the Incorporated Society that has charitable status  and is behind the magazine Organic NZ.

Philippa Jamieson is the editor of Organic NZ. She is also author of The Wild Green Yonder: 10 Seasons Volunteering on New Zealand’s Organic Farms

In this show I have Philippa Jamieson in the studio to talk about the differences between the terms GE, GM and Gene Editing, the existing concerns of commercially growing GE food, and how we can avoid eating it here in New Zealand. For more information about Organic NZ –

Listen to this programme on GE FREE HERE

GE FREE NZ was first aired on the 21st February 2019 through Otago Access Radio 105.4 FM and was supported by Sustainable Dunedin City with the assistance of New Zealand on Air. Eco Living in Action’s host Dr Maureen Howard is a Sustainable Practice Educator and Communicator at Treedom NZ

Guest Philippa Jamieson (with Organic NZ magazine) and Maureen Howard, host of Eco Living in Action


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