Why we need Transition Engineering for a low carbon future – with Susan Krumdieck

What is Transitional Engineering and how we can use existing technology to move our society away from a fossil fuel dependent culture? My guest is Professor Susan Krumdieck from the College of Engineering at the University of Canterbury. Susan has carried out research on every type of renewable and alternative energy technology, and sustainable energy systems. She’s also interested in research in energy transition of buildings, cities, transportation and freight. She has a keen interest in Dunedin. I remember reading her excellent Peak Oil Vulnerability Assessment for Dunedin report published in 2011 that was commissioned by the Dunedin City Council.

In this show I find out more about engineering solutions that will help transition us to a low carbon economy. Given the speed at which change needs to occur, what is possible to do rapidly? What kinds of systems will be feasible to operate in a future low carbon energy world? And why mining for yet more fossil fuels needs to stop.

My phonecall with Susan was recorded on the 22nd May 2019

Listen to this programme on TRANSITIONAL ENGINEERING

TRANSITIONAL ENGINEERING was first aired on the 24th May 2019 through Otago Access Radio 105.4 FM and was supported by Sustainable Dunedin City with the assistance of New Zealand on Air. Eco Living in Action’s host Dr Maureen Howard is a Sustainable Practice Educator at Treedom NZ

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