About Maureen

Maureen has hosted Eco Living in Action since early 2012. Originally from Northern Ireland, Maureen gained a BSc Hons in Psychology from the University of Ulster and completed her PhD with the Psychology Department at the University of Otago. From 2006-2015, she worked as Dunedin’s Sustainable Living Facilitator contracted to the Dunedin City Council. As part of her work she provided interactive talks, workshops and  Sustainable Living courses for adults and community groups. Find out more about the Sustainable Living Programme at http://www.sustainableliving.org.nz

Maureen Howard. Photo taken by Caroline Davies, Editor of Down in Edin Magazine

Maureen is currently on her ‘big OE’ and travelled alone from New Zealand to Northern Ireland via the Americas choosing relatively low carbon methods ( specifically – two freighter ships across the Pacific and the Atlantic, over 1400km of hitching, over 10,000 kms of bus rides/trains – plus a couple of car rides with kind friends and family members). She says,  “I was pretty determined to make it to Northern Ireland without flying, and proud I did. In fact, I had a fantastic adventure! Why did I do it? Well – I’m mindful of my carbon footprint, but I’m not fundamentalist about it. For example, I don’t own a car but I’m very grateful to borrow one. I enjoy flying too, but since 2012 I have managed to avoid it. Perhaps I could see myself getting on a plane again someday – maybe for family, financial or safety reasons.”

In mid 2017, Maureen plans (hopes) to return to New Zealand without flying again.