About Eco Living in Action


Maureen Howard from Dunedin, New Zealand, hosts a half-hour sustainable living radio show called Eco Living in Action that is aired on Otago Access Radio 105.4FM every Thursday from 2.30pm -3pm and repeated the following Monday 8.30-9am. “Join me as I chat with a different guest each week about their sustainability activities and initiatives. From advice on building tiny houses, to setting up a rooftop garden, to wildlife friendly farming practices – my guests from Dunedin and from my travels are passionate individuals who are making a difference. Listen in, and get inspired – as Ghandi says – to Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Achievements: In 2013, Eco Living in Action was awarded the PSA Supreme Trophy with Otago Access Radio, and also was awarded Winner of the Special Interest Category. In 2015, the show was awarded Most Popular Podcast.

These are just some of the shows! To listen to all of the Eco Living in Action shows go to the radio station Otago Access Radio at http://www.oar.org.nz and then search under Podcasts. You can also subscribe to the show through iTunes.

Please note that older shows may no longer able to be listened to through this website. However we are very happy to get a show re-aired for you to listen to. Email Maureen with your ideas, comments and feedback, and requests for older shows – at ecolivinginaction-at-gmail.com


Eco Living in Action is currently supported by

Taste Nature

Dunedin’s Organic Store & Eatery

Taste Nature is a locally owned business run by Mark and Rayna Dickson. They run an organic food store, eatery and kitchen which is a community hub for all things organic in Dunedin. The store, eatery and kitchen are based at 131 High Street. They also have a garden in Waitati which supplies the store, alongside produce and wholefoods from over seventy New Zealand suppliers. Taste Nature has a strong ethos on minimising packaging and provides a return and refund system for their reusable containers.  In 2018 they purchased a new EV van for their new home delivery service.

For more information go to http://www.tastenature.co.nz


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